Writing niches

Here’s a list of what I do best and most frequently. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Blogging. Got a “dead blog”? I sympathize. It’s hard to keep up a routine blog post schedule with everything else you need to do. I can take on that task by creating engaging contact as well as aiding you with idea generation.

Non-profit organizations. You need to talk to your donors in a way that’s meaningful to them. I  write individualized proposals and stewardship reports that help you to ask, thank, and ask again.

Case studies. I like talking to people, like your happy customers. Let me write up a case study that reads like a feature article which will help you reach more clients.

White paper plans. You need that white paper. But how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been down this road before without anything to show for it. Let me help with a white paper plan. It’s like the blueprint before you build the house.

Press releases. Don’t get bogged down in worry about a press release. I can write ’em and I can send ’em out. Done.