But I thought I was doing something!


After I got home from the grocery this morning, I was psyched to check the number of steps I’d most assuredly racked up. I’d forgotten some stuff when I thought I was done, so had to trek back to the deli section for the prosciutto after I’d already picked up a big orange block of sharp cheddar from the dairy case. All that pushing a cart and stuff had to be good for something, yes?


Barely 350 steps.

But it seemed like so much more! And I was tired!

Tired, yes, but actually suffering from consumer-over-stimulation-fatigue (COST).

Bright lights, hard surfaces, a chaotic jumble of color designed to discombobulate me into buying more things in packages.

Mostly? I’m frustrated that I didn’t get that much done.

Not on my goals, anyway. I did a good thing in that I brought home the prosciutto, but I’m barely any closer to getting in 10K steps.

Sometimes we’re busy but we’re not getting a thing done. We can’t look back at the day and say I DID THIS. The time that I want to dedicate to work is all to easily frittered away in necessary but distracting things.

How am I going to fix this?

By recalibrating for today.

I might not be looking at scoring a 10K day — but maybe it’ll be a 5K day. 5K’s better than 1K, for sure.

Can’t do 8 things today? OK. I can do 5. Or 4. But it’s better than zero.

And I’ll set myself up for tomorrow and a goal of 10K

Plus I brought home enough food for a couple of days! Grocery store, see you LATER!

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